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– An rss/Atom reader built into Outlook

Stay up to date with your favorite blogs, wikis, and news sites from within Outlook!

If you are one of those people that consider Outlook their most essential information tool, then this software is for you. Blogbot runs quietly behind the scenes to determine if new content is available from the feeds you subscribe to. It then posts these items into folders within your Outlook.

It's good for business!

More and more content related to the way we work is online. Things such as press releases, journals, newsletters, blogs, and wikis are all using RSS as their preferred method of notification. If you want to stay informed, without the effort of searching around, then you should consider adding blogbot to your Outlook. It can use feeds from the internet or from behind your company's firewall on your intranet.

Syncs with Bloglines!

If you have an account on Bloglines, you can sync Outlook with your feeds there. Now you have the convenience of using Outlook at the office, and still having access on the web via Bloglines.

Lightweight and intuitive user interface!

Being Outlook users ourselves, we understand that Outlook's #1 job is email and everything else is second. So we designed the user interface to be simple in order to prevent cluttering Outlook's user interface. For example, we focused on keeping our external UI to a minimal toolbar menu as seen on the right.

Add feeds directly from web pages!

When you find a feed on a web page in Internet Explorer, just right click on it. We provide an option that lets you add the feed directly to blogbot without having to type it in.

Give it a whirl!

At blogbot, we adhere to the "show me it's great" philosophy when it comes to software. We encourage you take advantage of our free download. There is no registration for the 14 day trial, just be sure to give us feedback on your experience. Thanks!


Version 1.1.7 (2.5M)


Windows 2000/XP

Outlook 2000 or higher

Internet Explorer 5.0+

Free - No registration