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NEWS: Blogbot will now become open-source

The code for Blogbot for Outlook is now available on sourceforge here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/blogbotrss/.

These projects are now free and belong to the community

The software is currently available for download without the shareware trial limits.

Technical info: The blogbot sidebar for Internet Explorer is just a straight Win32/C++/ATL/WTL project. The blogbot toolbar for Outlook is a Python based COM add-in compiled into a set of DLLs.

Next up, the IE Sidebar code for Blogbot Lite.

** This domain is now for sale, if you are interested go to the contact form in whois **

– An rss/Atom reader built into Outlook

Stay up to date with your favorite blogs, wikis, and news sites!

At blogbot, we make software for Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer that allows you to subscribe to RSS or ATOM feeds. Right now, just about every web-site, blog, wiki or newsletter is supporting this format. Try out our software below. It's the new way to put the internet to work for you.

Our current plug-ins:

    blogbot for Outlook [learn more]

    blogbot lite for Internet Explorer [learn more]

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